Friday, January 24, 2020


Inmate Reporting Rules

1.  You are given a time to report.  Please do not be late.  If you are late you will be refused and we will report it to your probation officer.

2.  If you are on any medications you must do the following PRIOR to reporting:

    1.  Your doctor must fax our office a letter stating what medications you are taking along with how much and what times.  It must be on your doctors letterhead.  The fax number is 620-382-3441.

    2.  Your medication must be brought to the jail in a bubble pack or sealed container.  Both Marion Pharmacy and Greenhaw Pharmacy can do this.  Medications will not be accepted in any other form.  Pill bottles are not acceptable.

3.  If you are here for longer than 72 hours you are eligible to purchase commissary.  This includes items like hygiene products and snacks.  You may also purchase undergarments through commissary.  You will not be allowed to bring in any items from the outside.  If you wish to keep on your undergarments when you report in, they must be white.  No exceptions.  Bras without a wire will be allowed but will again be limited to what you wear upon reporting.  You will be allowed to purchase commissary up to twenty dollars per week.  You may bring this money with you when you report or anyone may drop off money for you during regular business hours.  There is no limit to the amount you can have on your books (within reason).

4.  If while you are in our facility we take you to the doctor or dentist you will be charged a $10.00 co-pay.  There will also be a $3.00 co-pay for each medication.  We will not deny you medical care in the event you haven't any money to pay.

Following these guidelines will help both you and the Sheriff's staff maintain an orderly jail.  Please help us by not expecting any exceptions.