Tuesday, March 31, 2020

KANSAS GOVERNOR LAURA KELLY'S EXECUTVE ORDER 20-16  Statewide "stay home" order unless performing an essential activity (read the order for details)

Information regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) from the Marion County Health Department.


PUBLIC ATTENDANCE OF COUNTY COMMISSION MEETINGS BY TELECOMMUNICATION ONLY.  Pursuant to KS Governor Order 20-16, in-person attendance at the County Commission meetings will not be allowed at this time.  We encourage attendance by telecommunication which also allows public interaction.
To join the County Commission meetings from your computer, tablet or smartphone, go to https://global.gotomeeting.com/join/639484901 or by phone dial 1-866-899-4679.  The access code is 639-484-901#.

Please contact individual County offices directly for any questions or assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can individuals call you for legal advice on private matters?
A. No.  Only at my private office

Q. How are you assigned cases?
A. The Sheriff or Local Police Department investigate a complaint. After that it is turned over to me and I decide whether or not to file charges.

Q. Do you have a part in sentencing?
A. I make recommendations to the Judge.

Q. Do you have a part in enforcing sentencing?
A. No, but I file motions to revoke probation when a defendant violates the conditions of his/her probation.

Q. Do you handle all type of offenses?
A. I handle criminal, juvenile, and traffic cases.

Q. What if I am threatened as a witness?
A. Any attempt to prevent or dissuade a witness from testifying is a violation of Kansas law. Report any such incident immediately to the police and the prosecuting attorney.

Q. Should I talk to the defense attorney?
A. That is strictly your decision. You may, but you have no legal obligation to talk to the defense attorney.

Q. Can I watch the trial?
A. Unless all witnesses are sequestered, you may watch the trial; however, you should not discuss your testimony with other witnesses.

Q. Can I receive compensation for losses I suffered as a result of the crime?
A. Various means are available to assist you depending upon the type of loss, etc.

Q. When can I get my property back?
A. All property will be released as soon as possible; however, under unusual circumstances, it cannot be released until it is no longer needed as evidence. Any evidence seized which is classified as being illegal to possess will not be returned.

Q. What is a continuance?
A. For a number of reasons, it is frequently necessary to change the date of a court appearance. The County Attorney's office will make every effort to notify you by telephone if the court date has been continued to a later date. If the case is continued, you will receive a new subpoena telling you the new date if you have not already received it. You should call the County Attorney's office (785-543-6820) the day before your subpoena court date to verify that the court date has not been continued and that you are still required to appear in court on that date.

Q. What if I move or change jobs during the proceedings?
A. Always notify the County Attorney's office of any changes in address or employment immediately should they need to contact you.

Q. What if my employer won't let me come to court?
A. If you are lawfully subpoenaed to court, an employer cannot prevent attendance. When appropriate, the County Attorney's office will contact your employer to discuss the importance of your role as a witness.