Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Marion County Health Department

504 S. Roosevelt

Marion, KS 66861

(620) 382-2550

Fax (620) 382-8823


The Maternal Child Health program provides education and support to pregnant women and families with a baby (birth through one year). It is designed to give children a healthy start in life and help you enjoy being a parent. The Program will help you with information on:

  • Parent-child relationships
  • Community Resources
  • Health care and child health assessments
  • Prevention of child injuries & accidents
  • Child Development
  • Immunizations

Amber Jackson, is a mother and grandmother who has been trained to help other mothers with their concerns, and connect parents with resources available within the County.

Carmen Loeffler, RN, BNS, oversees the Maternal Child Health program and works in coordination with Amber Jackson in visiting families in Marion County.

Amber and Carmen set up appointments for visits with the parents before the baby is born, and after mother and baby are home.

If you have any questions call the Health Department at (620) 382-2550.