Saturday, March 28, 2020


When To Use 9-1-1




It is important that citizens use 911 for immediate public safety assistance. Ask yourself :

  • Is there danger to life or property?
  • Is there a serious medical emergency (chest pains, seizures, bleeding etc.)
  • Is there any type of fire (building, vehicle, brush etc.)
  • Is there any crime in progress (robbery, burglary, prowler, fights etc.)
  • Is there any other life threatening situations (traffic accident with injuries, stuck in high water etc.)
  • Is the caller or someone else the victim of a crime?

Non-emergency requests are handled by calling 382-2144. Examples of calls that should be placed to the non-emergency number are:

  • Traffic accidents that do not involve injuries.
  • Loud music or barking dogs.
  • Late reported incidents such as theft with no suspect information.
  • Requests for information.
  • Controlled burns

If you call 911 by mistake, do not hang up.  Stay on the line and tell the dispatcher that you dialed 911 by mistake and everything is all right. If a caller hangs up without stating the problem, the caller must be contacted in order to ensure that no actual emergency exists. This may involve the dispatching of an officer to your home or place of business in order to ensure that a problem does not exist. One common misconception is that citizens have about dialing 911 by mistake is they will somehow get into trouble. This is not true. Communications Officers will also ask to verify the name, address and phone number information that is showing on their screen. This ensures that your information is correct in their system.

Cellular phone callers trying to reach Marion County 911 Center can dial 911 on their cell phone. Due to caller location, relative to the cellular tower, the call may be routed to any one of several 911 Centers, including but not llimited to, Emporia and Harvey County. Cellular phones that are charged but not activated can still reach 911 in an emergency. Do not let children use a de-activated cell phone as a toy unless you are sure it is not charged as they can still call 911.