Monday, October 21, 2019


Marion County Emergency Communications is now using Pictometry technology. Pictomertry is the technology that allows dispatchers to not only, bring up a detailed map of an inbound caller's location, but also visually inspect, through 3D-like aerial images, the actual incident area as if they were right there at the scene. The images are not in real time so if there is a fire they will not see flames but it gives dispatchers and responders a wealth of valuable information before they even arrive at the scene. The software enables dispatchers to easily access up to 12 different angled views of any property, building, highway or other feature in the county. Dispatchers are also able to obtain measurements such as distance, height and elevation directly from the imagery.

When a dispatcher receives a 9-11 call, a marker pin that appears on the computer map of the area can be clicked on and a picture of the house, area or business appears. The system is Wireless E911 capable and will rebid for the location of a cellular caller. If the caller has the right phone and service, a dispatcher can visually follow the caller as they go down the road or drift on one of Marion County's lakes.

Pictometry enables a dispatcher to:

  • Instantly view multiple images of caller location(s)
  • View alternate traffic routes to incidents
  • View each address from multiple angles for entry and escape points
  • Measure height, length and width of buildings
  • Provide remote guidence on location of electrical wires and other obstacles that might impair equipment or helicopter access
  • Monitor foot chases through visual clues and provide assistance to officer on the scene.

In violent situations, law enforcement can view the location from several different angles and map out a strategy from a view they wouldn't get at ground level.

Should evacuation  be necessary due to natural disasters, crime or chemical leaks & spills, an image of area residences and businesses is invaluable.

Owners of livestock on the roadway may be located much sooner by checking to see which farms and pastures likely contain livestock.

Dispatchers have the ability to rotate around any structure in the county. Examine the exits, what's in the backyard, how high the fences are etc. Pictometry uses aerial photos to map every square inch foot of the county from up to 12 different angles. In the hands of dispatchers it is already saving time and lives.