Friday, January 24, 2020

 Marion County
District Court

8th Judicial District
200 S. Third St, Suite 201
Marion, KS 66861

 Jan Helmer, Clerk of the District Court (620)382-2104 

Monday - Friday (8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

 Judges and Staff

  • The Honorable Michael F. Powers
  • Anita Svoboda, Administrative Assistant (620)382-2318

We are the EIGHTH JUDICIAL DISTRICT COURT of Kansas.  The Eighth Judicial District is comprised of Dickinson County, Geary County, Morris County and Marion County. 

The Clerk of the District Court office is responsible for keeping records on all cases filed with the Court concerning the following:  Marriage Licenses, Traffic Tickets, Fish & Game Citations, Probate, Criminal, Small Claims, Limited Civil, Civil, Juvenile, Adoption, Care & Treatment, Domestic Relations, Child Support, and payments for court costs, fines and fees.

Phone: 620-382-2104

  • Option 1 - Domestic, Limited, Small Claims, Civil
  • Option 2 - Criminal, Probate, Juvenile
  • Option 3 - Jury Clerk, Administrative Assistant
  • Option 4 - Court Services
  • Option 5 - Community Corrections
  • Option 6 - Clerk of the Court
  • Option 8 - All Others


Court Service Office Number: 620-382-3765
Fax: 620-382-2259
Status of Jury Duty: 620-382-2104 Option 2

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