Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Senior Centers

     Senior centers are located throughout Marion County and provide a variety of services, programs, fellowship, meals and information. The county has three nutritional sites: Hillsboro, Marion and Peabody which provide a noon meal Monday-Friday plus meals on wheels and frozen meals for the weekend. The suggested contribution for the meal for 60 and older is $3.50 and under 60 is $5.25. The county also has four senior centers : Burns, Durham, Lincolnville, and Tampa which meet once a month on a set day.

Nutrition Sites in Marion County

Hillsboro Senior Center
212 N. Main
Hillsboro, KS  67063


   Nutrition Site Manager: Brenda Moss
Senior Center President: Donna Dalke

Hillsboro Senior Center Menu & Program Calendar

Hillsboro January 2020

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Marion Senior Center
309 S. Third
Marion, KS 66861


Nutrition Site Manager: Janet Bryant
Senior Center President: Shirley Bowers

Marion Senior Center Calendar

Marion January 2020

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Peabody Senior Center
106 N. Walnut
Peabody, KS 66866


       Nutrition Site Manager: LouAnn Bowlin
      Senior Center President: Dan Martel

Peabody Senior Center Menu and Program       

Peabody January 2020

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Senior Centers

Burns Seniors
301 N. Washington

Burns, KS 66840


Senior Center President: Lowell Larson

    The Burns seniors meet at the Burns Community Center every Tuesday and Thursday morning (weather permitting) to exercise and have coffee together.


Durham Senior Center
519 Douglas Avenue
Durham,KS 67438

Durham Senior Center President: Lila Unruh

     The Durham Senior Center has a carry in meal on the fourth Wednesday of each month. During the months of October through April they meet at noon and May through September at 6:00 pm. Their special occasions throughout the year include a July Hamburger Fry, August Watermelon feed, Thanksgiving dinner in November and a Christmas party in December. Their most popular meeting is the Thanksgiving dinner which includes a turkey and all the trimmings.  The December meeting they collect food for Marion County Food Bank and Hillsboro Main Street Ministries.


Lincolnville Seniors
213 W. 6th
Lincolnville, KS 66858

Contact person: Barbara Craney

     The Lincolnville Seniors meet in the Lincolnville Community center every Wednesday to play Dominoes. The have their regular meeting on the second Wednesday at noon for a potluck. They invite anyone to join them for their potluck.


Tampa Sunflower Senior Center
113 W. 3rd
Tampa, KS 67438

Senior Center President: Kathy Kroupa

     The Tampa Senior Center meets on the second Tuesday of the month at noon and eating at local cafe with meeting following the meal.  They don't meet during the summer months but usually plan some trips around the local, county, state sites.