Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Marion County Courthouse
Celebrating 100 Years of Service
1906 – 2006 



The courthouse is a building rich in history and tradition.  The  center of local government, the seat of justice—its stone walls have stood strong and proud—a silent witness throughout the years to joy, sorrow, punishment, and the bustle of everyday life.      

Lives have been changed within these walls.  Marriages have been performed, criminals brought to justice,  taxes paid, deeds filed, rules made and re-made.  Over time, the building haschanged too—modern conveniences—an elevator here, a ramp there, modern office equipment have been added.          

The click and whirr of computers and printers  have replaced the scratching of the quill  pen.  Copiers reproduce thousands of  images each day.  But the business at hand has changed remarkably little. 

 Lives are still changed here.  The clock tower still  rises majestically into the flint hills sky, a sentinel keeping watch over our way of life.   A reminder of where we came from, and what we stand for; a light in the darkness to guide us forward into the future……